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The New Standard
in Crypto Market

You can Trade with us from here to enter a new and exclusive World For the AJA Family

Min Hold Each Wallet Must Be Over $50 To Receive Rewards.


Let Your AJA DRAGON Take Your Business
To Higher Grounds

AJA DRAGON is governed by the Circle Token (ADN).
AJA DRAGON  is created with economic benefits for the project, released through presale for members. The token will be available through the launchpad and can only be earned from trades after. With 0 tax transactions fee, the token is distributed technically to fit allocations needed for sustainable growth. 
Token distribution: Initial 45% of the total supply of 200,000,000,000 (110,000,000,000 ADN) allocated to the launchpad for token presale and initial liquidity. 10% (5,000,000 ADN) is allocated for Market resource defeating the purpose of additional fees. 30% (15,000,000) allocated for the protocol, 10% reserved and 5% (2,500,000) remainder for the team. 


Cloud Analytics Modernization

We analyze all Market Data on a daily basis to always be the First

Data Science Acceleration

We use the best and fastest networks in the digital world to always be the best

Versatility in Application

This coin was designed by a group of skilled and experienced programmers in the field of decentralized programming.

Full Customer Experience Service

We have many customer service staff to Help all customers and provide them with all the necessary support

A New and Exclusive World 
Of Endless Quality and Trust

How to get in touch with support team?

Get in touch when you need a support:
Telegram group:

Our main aim is to run a Decentralized Trading Protocol on the Network that will allow users to transact their Funds easily. It works on the simple principal of the normal trading system but in a safe and hassle freeway. We Pledge to provide prominent and the best service to the users who put out their trust on us.

How to withdraw?

To withdraw your funds simply click WITHDRAW button.
Enter desired amount, your wallet address and click WITHDRAW.
If you have a problem with your Withdrawal, please check your transaction or contact support.
Also, pending Withdrawal request can be cancelled in TRANSACTION history.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Business Partners


Products Installed


Countries World Wide


Industry Awards

Our Partners



Bringing the best projects AJA DRAGON

The launchpad will have two types of interface.

The first interface will implement a tier-based system:

Users will receive an allocation for each project's pre-resale based on the number of ADN tokens they hold. This allows exclusivity and rewards for users holding the ADN tokens.
Projects will also receive support in marketing, branding, contract creation, funding and have the ADN seal of approval. Further increasing the trust between users and the projects.

The second interface will be a fair-launch platform:

Any project can publicly launch here for a fee. The platform will allow anyone to create their own token and initial token sale.
Projects will have the option to KYC to receive a KYC badge, but as we are supporting anonymity, projects can also launch without if they wish.
Users will need to use their due diligence if they want to invest in non-KYC projects.

All projects will pair with the ADN coin for their liquidity and have the option to lock liquidity with the launchpad for user trust.

ADN holders will receive staking rewards whilst in their allocation pool.

Are you ready to join the AJA family?
You can now buy the Aja dragon and get the Aja token as a gift . 
You can view the white paper of the project here

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