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Our Mission

We aspire to improve our world and the lives of everyone (especially the poor) through the adoption and use of blockchain technologies. We aspire for governments and businesses to be more efficient, effective and responsive - and that members of society be the primary beneficiaries.


Initial roadmap release
August-September 2022
Project proposal, scope and business model
Project created
Resource and funding
Contracts audit
Initial token presale and launch
ADN creation
Stock market listing
October 2022
Proposals and Implementations
full version launch
Circle Markets, products and new integrations.

Everyone deserves access to financial services that can help empower them to create a better life for themselves and their families. If the world economy ran on a common set of standards that could not be manipulated by any company or country, the world would be a more fair and free place, and human progress would accelerate.​


AJA DRAGON allows investors to lend their cryptocurrencies to different borrowers. This way, they will get interest payments in exchange, earning from variable dogecoin. AJA DRAGON users may supply various supported cryptocurrencies onto the platform, which can be used as collateral for loans, supply liquidity and earn an dogecoin .

When depositing crypto to a lending platform, users can earn a generous amount of interest on those deposits, often more than traditional banks can. The deposited funds are lent out to borrowers that pay for a portion of that interest, and funds can also be alternatively invested to earn additional yield.

AJA DRAGON (borrow) crypto loan allow users provide crypto holdings  as collateral in exchange for liquidity from a lender.

Users who want to borrow any of the supported cryptocurrencies, stablecoins from AJA DRAGON will pledge collateral that will be locked on the protocol. These collateral ratios are determined by the protocol through governance (AJA DRAGON).

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Experienced Leadership

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